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Second Sunday in Advent
Sunday, 6th December 2020

‘The people walking in darkness have seen a great light’ Isaiah 9v2

Introductory Song: 'Darkness like a shroud'/'Arise, shine'

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We welcome you most warmly to this service marking the Second Sunday of Advent.
Today we will reflect on the encounter Zechariah had in the Temple with the archangel Gabriel –
an awe-inspiring incident which introduces the Christmas story in Luke’s Gospel. May Zechariah’s life & experience foster our renewed trust in God despite all the challenges we face in our lives & may this service encourage us to see that God can make a way where there seems to be no way. Let’s rejoice in His unfailing goodness & grace.

And so we lift up our hearts in praise as we now sing a traditional & beautiful Advent hymn –

Opening Hymn: 'Hark the glad sound'


Our Father, we thank You for the Bible which tells us the Christmas story. Thank You for the writings centuries before which tell of the coming of the Saviour & Messiah.
As we think today of promised advance arrival of John the Baptist who sought to prepare Your people for the coming of Jesus please prepare our hearts too, we pray.

Christingle Feature:

We’re remembering past Christingle celebrations & missing these this year. This video reminds us of making Christingles & what it all means –

Our Christingle Service last year

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Song: 'Like a candle flame'

Bible Reading: Luke 1 vs5-25
read by David Suchet

Song: 'El-Shaddai'

Prayer: (from the 16th century by Teresa of Avila)

How great is Your goodness, dear Lord!
Blessed are You for ever!
May all created things praise You, O God,
For loving us so much that we can truthfully speak
Of Your fellowship with mankind;
And however virtuous we may be,
Our virtue always depends on Your great warmth
And generosity, dear Lord.
Your bounty is infinite.
How wonderful are Your works!

Address: Rev Paul Wilson.

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Hymn: 'Shine, Jesus, shine'

A Christingle Blessing:

(which we usually use each year in church)

May the Christingle inspire us to shine brightly.
May our hearts be more for the people around us than for ourselves.
May our resolve be to draw alongside those in need of God’s generous compassion.
May we give of ourselves & of our resources to bless others.
And may our lives be glowing candles attracting others to Jesus, the Light of the world.

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