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(2010 - 2012)

I was born in Canterbury and brought up in Tyler Hill, where my parents were nurserymen. I went to Tyler Hill Baptist Sunday School, first as a pupil, then as a helper, until I was married.

I met my husband, Phil, in 1963 when he brought a friend on his motorbike from Harbour Street Church to preach at our church in Tyler Hill.

We were married on 27th March 1965 at Canterbury Baptist Church by Rev Bob Archer.

I had been converted, aged 10 years, at a caravan mission to village children - a week-long mission led by a Mr Varney, and was subsequently baptised at Canterbury Baptist Church in January 1959, becoming a Member there soon after.

After our marriage we lived at Reculver as Phil worked on a farm where we had a “tied” cottage. That all came to an end and in January 1966 we moved to Whitstable where our three children were born. I also have a step-daughter and step-grandson plus eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren - and another expected in September 2010.

On Easter Day 1966 we were brought into the membership of Tankerton Evangelical Church where we attended for many years but, in 2000, we moved to Whitstable Baptist church where we have been very happily involved ever since. We became members in 2006 (again on Easter Day) and I was elected a Deacon in 2010.


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