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(2005 - 2007)

I have always been surrounded by a Christian family and the family of the church. Originally from Chelmsford, at the (now) Central Baptist Church where I was baptised and was a church member. Growing up, I participated in all the usual children’s activities and later those for young people, particularly Boys’ Brigade, then on to leadership. So did Chris(tine), although for her it was Girls’ Brigade, and it was here in Chelmsford that we married.

My work at the time was in electronics and this took us to Leicestershire. Here we settled in a village outside the city and joined and participated in the life of the local Baptist church leading YPF, becoming officers in the Brigades and for me, my first calling as a deacon. It was at here that God began to tell us that this was not where He wanted us, neither did He want me doing the day job that I was doing!

Through the minister and YPF work, He told me that there was His work ‘somewhere’ for benefiting people. Doors were opened and we moved to Bromley where I took up a lowly job in a Social Services day centre knowing nothing of disability, mental health and other vulnerable people in the community. At the church the participation continued but, with a growing family of two daughters and demanding work on shifts etc, it was a little more curtailed.

That was all some thirty years ago (2005 now) and time has moved on. We have been blessed with three lovely grandchildren, moved to Deal where we enjoyed an evangelical C of E, and since 2001, wonderful Whitstable; still helping in Boys’ Brigade, still with the children and YPF work, still concerned for people.

I have fun, enjoy the garden, DIY, messing about with old cars, music and generally helping others and the church.

I am privileged to be called as a Deacon at Whitstable and pray that I can fulfil the task that the Church, and God, have laid upon me.

The King will reply, "I tell you, whenever you did this for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it for me."

Mattew 25 v 40


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