Previous Deacons

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(2007 - 2011)

I was born and brought up an only child in Hounslow, West London and much of my childhood encompassed the war years. Mum and Dad sent me to Sunday School when I was about four years old, and apart from a rebellious couple of years as a revolting teenager I have been involved with the Christian Faith ever since.

I came to faith through the Boys Brigade, and I made my commitment to serve Christ at a BB Camp. I was baptised some years later, then married Carole, my wife now for 44 years. We moved to Herne Bay in 1970 and for many years attended Tankerton Evangelical Church. We moved into Whitstable in 1993 following business difficulties at that time and came to Middle Wall Baptist Church in 2001.

We have two children, both now married and living locally, and four grandchildren.

I have served as a Leader in Boys Brigade for upwards of 50 years and my passion in Christian work has always been to minister to Young People, and I am grateful that the Church at Middle Wall has given me free rein to do that. It is a great privilege to serve the young People of our Church even though the gulf in ages grows ever wider!!

Just recently I have sensed God's call to assist with the Leadership of the whole Church and I was elected a deacon in March of this year. I hope I can bring my gifting into that Office, and in some small way, help spread the Good News about Jesus to the people of our Town.


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