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(2007 - 2013)

I was born into a Christian family in Whitstable on the 21st February 1937, the youngest of five children. My family attended the Tankerton Free Church, in Northwood Road.

I was added to the Cradle Roll at the age of 4, attending Primary and Junior Sunday Schools and then the Boy Covenanters and I gave my heart to the Lord on the 11th August 1947, the record of which I have in my Covenanter Bible.

Marie (click for larger picture)Marie and I met in 1960 and were married at Middle Wall Baptist Church in March 1962. We have three children, all married, and five lovely grandchildren with number six expected soon.

I was baptised on 28th May 1972 and throughout my Christian life I have struggled with my human nature and at times grown cold in my faith but, looking back, I can see that God has kept me safe and continued to guide me. I feel privileged to have been nominated and elected to serve God and the membership as a deacon here at Middle Wall. I am a practical person and wish to use the gifts God has given me for His glory.

“Be thou strong and very courageous for I have commanded thee. Be not afraid, be not dismayed, you shall have victory. I will be with you what e're betide, Captain and Leader, friend and guide.”

Joshua 1 v 9


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