Previous Deacons

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(1972 - 2008)

As a deacon at Whitstable Baptist Church for 36 years, I can look back with amazement at the variety of work that God has called me to within the life of this church and at the way He has influenced my personal life.

As a child I somehow came here to Sunday School for a while and a friend introduced me to Girls’ Life Brigade where I settled for four years as a teenager.  Everyone was so friendly.

When I was in my teens, Members shared with me their great faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and, later - as a mum living out of town - their supportive care of my children in the Sunday School and Brigades showed that faith in action.  The caring group of teachers and leaders taught and encouraged all three of my children through baptism and beyond.  I give thanks to God that I am part of this church family.

I rejoice that my eldest daughter, Julie, was called to be a Baptist Minister (25 years ago).  She was senior lecturer of religious studies at Amsterdam University for a number of years but now serves as minister to a circuit of six churches in West Wales.

Although I gave my life to Christ when I was a teenager it took me many years before I really made that definite commitment to the Lord.  When my eldest daughter was baptised I felt this was God calling me, too, and I was baptised and became a full member at Middle Wall.

God started working seriously in my life and called me to be a Sunday School teacher, GB Officer (for 28 years), and Deacon, and I give Him thanks for the gifts that He developed in my service for Him.

This church has been a great support to me and surrounds my whole life, but I do enjoy being a mum and grandma, and sharing in my family and their needs.  I also enjoy my hobbies of flower arranging, cycling, and playing tennis.

As I look back I can see how wonderfully God has worked through my life and I look forward now to sharing with the fellowship in the continued work of the church to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord in the community of this town.


© Tony Harris 30/04/2013