Our Present Diaconate

Jean M (click for larger picture)

Jean M.
(2014 - )

I was born in Whitstable and have lived here all my life – a true Whitstable Native!

My parents sent me to the Sunday School with all my numerous brothers and sisters when I was very young, so I’ve grown up in Whitstable Baptist Church with all the associated “aunties”.

I attended Girls Brigade, was an officer in Boys Brigade, helped out and led Sunday School from my teens, and was an active member of the YPF with my sister Susan. I can’t actually remember a time when I didn’t go to Whitstable Baptist Church!

I attended Christian Union meetings at secondary school and went on their holidays. It was at one such Christian Union centre, aged 12, that I met Jesus as my saviour. I then went forward for Baptism at church and have been a church member ever since – as one member put it “I’m part of the furniture”!

I have always been active in the church whether in Sunday School, taking church meeting minutes (in my teens), making coffee, etc or just helping out where possible. Many church members will have seen me married in church to Trevor in 1986 and seen my three boys dedicated and grow up in the church.

Currently I am still teaching the “tinies”, sharing this responsibility with Lise and Gill. I find this very rewarding but sometimes it makes me feel old when I meet “grown up tinies”, who remember me as “Aunty Jean from Sunday School”!

As a teen I was part of the YPF singing group (in those days, a soprano!), and since the instigation of the Choral Group at Middle Wall I have enjoyed being a member of the altos, losing myself in the music and words, giving praise and worship to God.

I feel very privileged to have been asked and elected as part of the leadership team and pray that I can live up to your expectations.

Jean M.

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