Previous Deacons

Geoff (click for larger picture)

(2004 - 2007)

A Yorkshireman by birth but a West Country man by adoption, I came to Whitstable from Somerset in January 2002 following the death of my second wife Heather in March 2000.  She it was who brought me to faith and baptism in 1984 at Silver Street Baptist Church, Taunton.  There I was Church Administrator from 1992, following retirement from teaching, until 1999.

I have a daughter Emma who lives in Chestfield and it was to be closer to her and her family that I moved here.  I have three other children but they are not entirely settled yet.

In truth, it was the Lord who brought me here - who showed me the door of Middle Wall Baptist Church - who took me inside to feel entirely at home with this wonderful fellowship.  Not only that - He led me to Jean, herself a widow and deacon of the church.  We fell in love, were married in March 2003 - to the obvious delight of the fellowship, our seven children and all our friends and family.

I have known the Lord’s leading; I have known His saving grace; I have known his healing hand.

It has taken this stubborn man a long time but now I know who is my God and I have learned at last to rest in Him.

Psalm 46:10 - “Be still and know that I am God”.


© Tony Harris 30/04/2013