Previous Deacons


(1987 - 2005)

Andy joined Whitstable Baptist Church in 1983 with his wife Pam.  They had moved to Whitstable from Chadwell Heath (Essex) in 1978 with their family.

Andy had been baptised at Elm Park Baptist Church (also in Essex) in May 1955 and was elected to the Diaconate in 1989, becoming the Church Treasurer the following year.

He also serves on the Missionary Committee with Pam, and both have a keen interest in Missionary work.  In fact, several years ago they went to Brazil and spent a week with our, then, Link Missionaries.  Andy & Pam are great believers in “open house” when there are visiting preachers or missionary weekends and have spent many happy hours with those visitors and keep in regular correspondence with many of them.

Andy was offered and took early retirement from business nearly 5 years ago but since then has continued to work for the Company on a 3 days a week basis, having now been with the same company for nearly 39 years.  The 12 years prior to retirement were spent as the Overseas Liaison Accountant for approx. 50 companies round the world.

Not exactly "Treasurers" work, is it? (click for larger picture)

Since becoming Treasurer to the Church Andy has also been given the opportunity to learn other skills: drain clearing, gutter clearance, painting and decorating, helping in organising holiday clubs, preaching, taking the communion service have all been offered and taken.

He has found that being a member of Whitstable Baptist Church means there is never a dull moment.  A Treasurer’s role is not one of just banking and of recording the income and expenses but, as many of the fellowship at Middle Wall would say, “where else do you get such great opportunities, and be able to work with such a dedicated group of friends?”

Outside of the church Andy enjoys his grandchildren who help him in his garden, and keep both him and Pam fit.  He has a hobby of model bus collecting and enjoys especially attending bus rallies and has an interest in all forms of travel, whether car, bus, train or aeroplane.


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