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Beloved - Our tribute to Dave Kitchen. (Click for larger picture)

Worship Group

Our Worship Group was originally formed as a “Singing Group” by Dave Kitchen.  He was the one who, many years ago now, was given the vision to form a group to assist worship in our church and lead people in praise.

Originally, the group’s main purpose was to lead the singing and to help the congregation learn new songs - hence the name “Singing Group”

At the end of 2005, the group was re-formed with a wider brief: to assist in all aspects of worship, hence the new name - “Worship Group”!

Also at the end of 2005, an additional group was formed - and you can read all about our “Choral Group”.

Listen now to our Worship Group - click the “play” button, below. You can download each track or, email the Secretary to get your own copy of the CD (while stocks last!).

Track  1 - How Wonderful, How Glorious.
Track  2 - My Jesus, My Saviour.

Track  3 - Faithful One, So Unchanging.

Track  4 - Jesus, Love Of My Soul.

Track  5 - All That I Am.

Track  6 - This Is The Place.

Track  7 - The Lord’s Prayer.

Track  8 - Only By Grace.

Track  9 - Lord, I Come To You.

Track 10 - The World Is Looking For A Hero.

Track 11 - Jesus, Be The Centre.

Track 12 - Be Thou My Vision.

Track 13 - And Can It Be.

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