Our Missionaries

Our Mission Statement

As followers of Jesus we seek to be a centre of Christian Worship,
Fellowship and Service by nurturing our own Church family
and reaching out with fellow Christians to the whole community.

That’s our ‘Mission Statement’ − sounds simple! How we do it is another matter − particularly the ’reaching out‘ bit! We are a mission-minded church and we endeavour to reach out by prayer support and by giving a proportion of our income to various mission causes − as follows:

  • four main societies −
    • Baptist Home Mission Fund, put quite simply, is the Baptist family purse. It is the way that members of the Baptist family support and resource one another.

    • BMS World Mission (formerly the Baptist Missionary Society) which helps to bring relief to impoverished areas around the world

    • the Bible Society which endevours to make the Word of God available to everyone in their own language

    • the Leprosy Mission ‘An international development charity that works to transform the lives of people affected by leprosy

  • an ‘Outreach Fund’ to fund our own activities including such events as children's craft and activity mornings, etc

  • an Emergency Fund to enable us to respond quickly to disaster relief appeals

  • a Wider Mission Fund which includes our support for a new Street/Beach Pastors project.
We have also expressed an interest in the following additional mission causes over the last few years −

  • African Pastors Fellowship - Revd David Stedman, previously the long-serving minister of St George's Baptist Church in Canterbury, is now the Chief Executive Officer of APF. This video summarises the work of APF and more details and information can be found here.

  • Pam Jones − who is currently working to help the victims of the destructive floods which hit various regions in Baray, Cambodia...

  • Geoff & Christine Holder − our ‘link’ missionaries working in Beira, Mozambique.

  • Mike Cadge − one of our own Fellowship who is currently working with the ‘Children of Faith Ministries’ − an organisation which runs an orphanage in Visakhapatnam, in the Andhra Pradesh province of India.

  • Canterbury Christian Schools Work Trust − Christian schools workers are reaching children and young people through direct contact with them at school.

  • Hope Now − which exists to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. A balance of direct evangelism with social action ensures the message of the Gospel touches the hearts of young and old, poor and rich, healthy and infirm, free and imprisoned. Hope Now works at the moment in Ukraine and South Africa.

  • Open Doors − Serving persecuted Christians worldwide, Open Doors exists to strengthen the church to be the church in the most hostile places.

  • Friends International − an evangelical mission agency dedicated to encouraging and equipping UK churches to reach international students for Christ. We seek to help international students, whatever their faith or background, during their stay in the UK.

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